3 Hacks For Improving Your Gel Eyeliner Game With Fabulous Looks

Ruchi Asthana

3 Hacks For Improving Your Gel Eyeliner Game With Fabulous Looks

Every makeup user's first love is the best gel eyeliner UK. It was most likely the first makeup product we all purchased, but it is still a staple in our makeup routine. Is an outfit complete without eyeliner? It's a versatile product that can instantly transform your appearance. The possibilities are endless.

It can be dark and Smokey for a smoldering look, or bright and colorful for a fresh and vibrant look. The best gel eyeliner UK wing instantly lifts your features and enlarges and enhances your eyes. However, if done incorrectly, it can pull your face down and make your eyes appear tired and droopy.

But don't worry! We have tips and tricks to make applying eyeliner an easy step in your routine. Whether you prefer liquid or pencil eyeliner, these eyeliner hacks will have you looking like a pro in no time!

3 Tricks That Will Help You Apply The Best Gel Eyeliner UK

There are numerous hacks on the internet for achieving the perfect eyeliner shape, and we are sharing our top 5.

1. Apply Slowly And Steadily

Before you begin applying eyeliner, you must first determine your hand position. While applying eyeliner, make sure your elbow is resting on something. Find a spot with a stationary surface to rest your elbow on. This will help to keep your hand stable while applying your liner.

Start with small strokes or dots across your top lash line once ready. Try to put it on only some at a time. Take your time perfecting it, and take short breaks every now and then between applications.

2. Prime Your Lids

Oils dissolve even the most challenging makeup. With oily eyelids, eyeliner is difficult to keep in place for more than a few hours. Avoid using heavy moisturizers or eye creams right before applying eyeliner. And, whether you're wearing eyeshadow or not, prime the lids.

If you don't have an eyeshadow primer, you can do the same thing with a mattifying face primer or concealer. After that, use your favorite translucent powder to makeup kit and set everything in place. After that, proceed as usual with your best gel eyeliner UK.

3. Shape With A Tape

We all enjoy watching our favorite creators experiment with viral hacks from YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. These videos are both entertaining and educational. Try simple hacks like using tape as a guide to drawing eyeliner or the straight line of a card or tube as a stencil to create wings. And, of course, the trusty Q-tip hack is always on hand to save the day!

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