3 Ways To Select The Perfect Lipstick Color For You

Ruchi Asthana

3 Ways To Select The Perfect Lipstick Color For You

Have you ever decided to buy lipstick online and found it challenging to find the right one? Is it too black, too bright, too red, too peach, too glossy, too stinky, or too whatever? And there are so many different colours and brands to choose from, making it even more challenging to find precisely what you're looking for. How can you tell what's best for you?

It is indeed a problem that has been faced by many. When you buy lipstick online or at a marketplace, you are surrounded by countless options. Choosing amongst them is definitely a difficult task.

3 Ways You Can Buy The Best Lipstick Online And At A Store

Let us see a few ways which can help you make easy decisions when you go lipstick shopping the next time.

1. Determine the skin tone

When you buy lipstick online pick a colour that will accentuate and flatter your features, first determine if your skin tone is "warm" or "cool," which can be readily determined by inspecting your veins. You're 'cool' if they seem blue. If they seem green, you are 'warm'. If they appear both, you're in luck since it means you're neutral and can wear either.

Cool-toned people, look best in pinks, berries, purples, and mauve-toned nudes. Warm-toned people appear best in orange, brown, peach, coral, and orangey-brown nude hues.

If you want to feel brighter, we suggest wearing warmer colours like pinks, regardless of your skin tone. Cooler hues, such as purples, will give you a stronger effect.

2. Don't check the lipstick on your hand

It's okay to have a sense of the hue, but it won't offer you the most accurate representation of how the shade will look on your face. It is observed that your lips have thinner skin than the rest of your body and are a deeper, pinker hue. It is recommended to test it on your lips to see how it appears on you—just be sure to wipe the testers or samples with alcohol and use a disposable applicator before trying anything on.

3. Take a look at natural lighting

The lighting at the store and the lighting where you spend most of your time are vastly different. It is always best to go see how you appear in natural light (especially if you buy lipstick online) towards the front of the business or near a window. If no suitable window is available we recommend inspecting colours using an LED light or a flashlight on your phone. To get the finest colour representation, shine it on the lipstick.

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