How To Use The UK Sensationail Gel Essentials Kit At Home?

Ruchi Asthana

How To Use The UK Sensationail Gel Essentials Kit At Home?

The market for gel nail polish is enormous and worth several billions of dollars. Choosing the best gel polish might be challenging with so many brands available.

Only a small portion of the numerous different gel polish products on the market today are worth thinking about. You can have your nails done professionally in a salon or at home. If you want to give your nails some color and shine without going to a salon, UK sensationail gel polish is a good alternative.

What Includes The Sensationail Essentials Kit UK?

Everything you need is contained inside a tiny box, making this kit fantastic due to its extreme compactness. Because my UV light is so great in similarity to this one, I almost thought it was a distinct package. Due to its small size, the lamp is ideal for small spaces or those on the go.

Also Contained In The Kit (This May Vary On The Kit You Buy)

    • Gel cleanser
    • Gel primer (aids bond the polish to the nail)
    • Gel color
    • Gel base and top coat
    • Nail buffer (aka nail file)
    • Manicure stick
    • Lint-free wipes (to wipe away sticky residue)

How Does It Work UK Sensationail Essentials Kit

Each level of user will benefit highly from this set! It comes with step-by-step directions that make applying gel polish so simple, whether it's your first time or not. There are two ways: one quick and easy; one more time-consuming but worth the effort in my opinion.

1. Top Coat - Quick & Easy

    • Paint nails as normal
    • Permit to dry completely (not just touch dry, so 30-60 mins minimum)
    • Use Polish to Gel Transformer as a top coat
    • Cure under LED lamp for 15 seconds
    • Wipe clean with Gel Cleanser (to clean sticky moisture layer)

2. Mixing Method - Long Haul

This works on the same concept as any gel manicure, and correctly prepping your nails will contribute around 50% to the longevity of your manicure. If you're used to a DIY gel kit, this will come naturally to you; otherwise, it will take some getting used to. Definitely worth it.

    • Move back cuticles with an orange stick
    • File and buff nails
    • Wash hands
    • Use Gel Cleanser - to remove traces of oil, moisture, and dust
    • Use Gel Primer - optional, will help manicure last longer
    • Use Base Coat - optional, will help the manicure last longer. Can use actual base coat or Transformer
    • Cure 15 seconds under an LED lamp
    • Mix 6 drops of preferred nail polish with 6 drops of Gel Transformer
    • Use two layers of color, curing each for 30 seconds
    • Use top coat
    • Use Gel Cleanser

That seems like many stages, but each one takes seconds, and the entire process takes me around 40 minutes. You may try both of these ways, with and without basecoat, and you discovered that the long-term mixing method made my manicure last as long as a conventional gel mani—10–14 days.

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