SensatioNail Gel Nail Polish Deluxe Starter Kit





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SensatioNail Gel Nail Polish Deluxe Starter Kit

You can do yourself at home for a fraction of the salon cost
Are easy to prep and apply
Have nearly zero drying time, just set and dry using the LED nail lamp provided.

SENSATIONAIL is the no.1 selling LED gel polish brand in the UK*

Women's Health & Beauty Awards voted SENSATIONAIL as gel polish of the Year, and with millions of customers worldwide, it’s easy to know why. SENSATIONAIL gel nail polish colours come in many stunning, up-to-the-minute shades that are quick and easy to apply, dry in just 30 seconds and last for up to two weeks without any wear and tear. Applying gel nail polish can be a daunting task but it's much easier than it seems. We've put a step by step guide together to make applying gel polish as simple as possible. Follow the steps below for perfect gel nail polish application.

Step 1: File your nails to the desired length and shape.

Step 2: Gently buff the nails with the pink side of the buffer until all the shine is removed.

Step 3: Wash your nails with washing up liquid to remove any oils (if the nail remains shiny, repeat the buffing and cleansing steps)

Step 4: Cleanse your nails using SENSATIONAIL gel cleanser then apply SENSATIONAIL gel primer and air dry for a few seconds (it will stay tacky)

Step 5: Apply one coat of SENSATIONAIL Top & Base Coat to your nail, including capping the nail by running the brush horizontally across the tip. Then cure under the SENSATIONAIL LED lamp for 15 seconds. The lamp will automatically turn on when you put your hand in and will flash after 15 seconds.

Step 6: Apply 2 coats of your desired shade including capping, curing each with the SENSATIONAIL LED lamp For 30 seconds (lamp turns off after 30 seconds)

Step 7: Finish off with a coat of SENSATIONAIL Top and base coat and cure for 15 seconds

Step 8: Complete by removing the moisture layer using the gel cleanser and a lint-free wipe.
You're now ready and set to show off your at home manicure!