The Difference Between Sensationail Gel Polish and Nail Polish

Ruchi Asthana

The Difference Between Sensationail Gel Polish and Nail Polish

If your nail paint is chipping, peeling, or simply not lasting the week, it's time to try gel polish. Our article will walk you through the distinctions between sensationail gel polish and conventional nail polish so you know precisely what you're doing when it comes to at-home manicures. The best sensationail gel polish and sensationail essentials kit UK are available from Fabulous Looks.

What is the Distinction Between Gel Polish and Regular Nail Polish

The main difference between the two is how long gel polish lasts compared to conventional nail lacquer. Your gel nail manicure can last up to two weeks (and even longer) with proper application and no chips or cracks. You should expect the average polish to last for no more than 5-7 days before chipping.

Gel polish's durability makes it possible for your nails to resist breaks. Sensationail gel polish UK can also promote nail growth by protecting the nails and promoting growth.

How Do You Dry Gel Polish?

When it comes to utilizing UK sensationail gel polish vs nail polish, drying time is a significant bonus. Gel polish is dried using LED or UV light to harden it, with a curing period of 60 seconds (LED) and 2 minutes (UV) for most gel polish brands, including our gel polish lamp.

As a result, the gel becomes solid and you may immediately apply your second layer. While a layer of nail polish may appear dry within a few seconds or a minute, the entire air-drying process may take an hour or more. This implies that if you start a little too quickly, you can acquire the dreaded smudges!

How Do You Apply Sensationail Gel Polish Compared To Regular Polish?

Just like with regular polish, you’ll want to take care when applying sensationail gel polish UK for the best results. Apply gel in thin coats and cap the free edge of your nails to ensure the coating adheres to your nail. This is necessary for the application of the base coat, gel polish color, and top coat to prevent the polish from peeling.

It's crucial to remember that gel polish shouldn't come in contact with your skin. While nail paint may be easily wiped away or pulled off when dry, gel polish might irritate your skin if it comes into contact with it regularly. If you get any on your skin, wipe it away with a cleansing wipe before curing - and never get cure gel on your skin!

If you're new to gel nails and want to learn more, read our guide for How To Apply Sensationail Gel Polish Perfectly: A Step-By-Step Guide? to achieve the best results, and get your hands on our gel polish Starter Kit so you have all you need to get started with gel manicures.

Is Removing Gel Polish Different?

Gel polish sticks to your nails far better than regular nail polish, thus removal takes longer. If you wish to remove nail polish safely at home, you must soak your nails in acetone rather than simply wipe it off with polish remover and cotton pads.

The use of our remover wraps is the simplest method for accomplishing this. Just rip open, wrap your nails, and seal shut once again. Remove and file/buff the remaining gel off your nails after allowing the acetone to do its job for 10 to 15 minutes. To get the same results, you can also soak your nails in acetone directly, or use cotton pads that have been soaked in acetone and covered in foil.

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