What Are Some Of The Best Gel Eyeliners That Are Perfect For You?

Ruchi Asthana

What Are Some Of The Best Gel Eyeliners That Are Perfect For You?

Since it never really went away, eyeliner isn't truly making a comeback, but if there's one makeup item that's going to be hot in 2023, it's the perfect eyeliner.

Unlike any other cosmetic, the best eyeliner gel pencil draws emphasis to the eyes. But selecting the right formula for your desired appearance and style is the key to mastering how to line and define.

How Should Beginners Use Gel Eyeliner Pencils?

Regardless of whether they have mechanical or traditional twists, beginners should start with gel eyeliner pencils that are easier to manage. While doing this, kohl and kajal formulas may be smudged out to create softer, lived-in lines or smoky effects. These formulas now come in flexible gel textures that provide users with a lot of freedom to buff and smear as well as draw on sharper lines as well.

Regardless of your own choice, perfecting the art of using gel eyeliner pencils takes practice. Start with a pencil that is more forgiving to a shaky hand if you're not a frequent user.

If you consistently ensure that your elbow is resting on a stable surface and use small pencil strokes until you perfect a smooth line, we are confident you won't make a mistake. You need to stock up on some of the best gel eyeliner pencils available in the UK, some of which we've already discussed.

The Top 3 Gel Eyeliner Pencils Available on Fabulous Looks

1. Maybelline Tattoo Liner Gel Eye Pencil 900 Deep Onyx

This gel eyeliner pencil glides effortlessly and provides dramatic eye definition in just one stroke. It comes in a wide range of lovely colors.

Additionally, this eyeliner pencil features 36-hour sebum resistance and is waterproof, non-smudging, and non-fading.

2. Loreal Paris Superliner Perfect Slim Liquid Eyeliner Intense Black

The sweeping lines produced by L'Oréal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim Dramatic Black are stylish and powerful. The 0.4 mm tip of Perfect Slim enhances the shape of the eye with a single, even stroke. This Accurate liner offers the finest control possible because of grip zone hold.

3. Loreal Superliner Le Khol Eyeliner 107 Deep Sea Blue

Glides across the eyelid painlessly for a powerful, long-lasting impact. Oil and wax are combined in Color Riche Le Khol's ground-breaking, innovative solution, which glides over the eyelid to deliver rich, long-lasting color. Apply Color Riche Le Khol to the inside or outside of the eyelid to draw attention.

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